Introduction to LaunchPad's Programs

LaunchPad offers participants a pathway through three sequential programs - KinderGym, GymFun and GymSkills. Not only does LaunchPad offer children opportunities to develop their physical capabilities, but through nationally trained deliverers, LaunchPad seeks to engage the whole child – physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally.

LaunchPad has been structured on a framework to guide skill development. This framework can be used to break down all skills or movement patterns into smaller components, which can then be practised and mastered through games and activities, before being built upon to create more complex movements.

Understanding the Dominant Movement Patterns [DMPs], and how they relate to sport and physical activity, is a key focus of the LaunchPad:Ignite! workshop for pre-service and in-service teachers. These skills are the building blocks of more complex activities. Breaking a complex activity down into the DMPs involved allows the coach or teacher an opportunity to scaffold their participants' development, mastering the DMPs involved before building to the more complex activity. You will have learnt all about this during your LaunchPad: Ignite! training. For currently accredited gymnastics coaches, LaunchPad: Zoom! offers further development on the benefits of movement on the brain and also the philosophies, values and essence of what LaunchPad is all about.

If you haven’t completed a workshop, contact us to get in touch with your state or territory.